S+ will mainly screen content produced by Arno Brandlhuber’s chair for Architecture & Design and its students at the ETH Zurich.

Studio Arno Brandlhuber  / HILG57

Severin Bärenbold
Manuel Buerger
Dominique Frey
Michaela Friedberg
Olaf Grawert
Christian Posthofen
Christopher Roth

The mission is “to build and run a TV-station”.
The theme for the last semester was: “Real Virtuality”.

S+ runs its own TV facilities within the department of architecture.

currently   on   S+:

Anaïse Vallée –– Puertopia

Andreas Moroder –– Versus (1)

Anna McIver Ek –– Calling Architecture  (1-4)

Crisost Koch –– Fast Delivery Services

Julian Wäckerlin –– World One (1-4)

Luka Travas –– Still Living? (1-4)

Olaf Grawert –– OTTO-BTS  (The Property Show, Real Virtuality)

Pan Hu ––– Amazon Prime City

Sara Weber –– Characters 4-7




in the S+ archive:

Anna McIver Ek –– Calling Architecture

Christian Posthofen –– Theorie und Praxis (soon with english subtitles)
recorded by Tatjana Blaser and Sacha Gengler

Clara Richard, Tatjana Blaser –– Bruxelles Nord

Damian Ineichen –– Principality of Sealand

Joana Tschopp –– Architecture Beyond Good And Evil

Joshua Andres –– Cooperatives

Julian Wäckerlin –– Action Architecture

Juliette Martin –– WeWork

Oana Bogdan –– Architecting 1-2

Sacha Gengler –Freeport to Boros

Sara Weber –– Characters 1-3

Sahra Sheriff –– The Gazed Ones

Selina Sigg –– Symptom

Tamino Kuny –– Catholic Real Estate

–– House of Arno (TV series 1-2) ––
Severin Bärenbold (DOP, edit)  Dominique Frey (prod)
Christopher Roth (script, dir)  Tobias Stich (music)
Julian Wäckerlin (animations)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-13 um 12.42.26

soon on S+ :

Oana Bogdan –– more Architecting

Hannes Oswald –– Prudence (Sorgfalt)

Anna Bajanova ––  The Connectedness of Places



Front end: Holger Friese
Back end: Max Kossatz
Broadcast Operations & Concierge: Christopher Roth