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abc – art berlin contemporary, Berlin 2016

Esther Schipper features works by Christopher Roth. presented by consists of works and projects chosen by the artist’s collaborators of the last two years and includes films, trailers and excerpts, publications, art works, objects, documents, and ephemera.

Presented by:
Armen Avanessian
Arno Brandlhuber
Sam Chermayeff
Georg Diez
Colin MacCabe
Vera Lehndorff
Esther Schipper

Pilgrim Viewer (In Collaboration With Sam Chermaye and Arno Brandlhuber), 2015
Powdercoated pipe, HD television monitor,
speakers Open-ended edition to be determined by the artist
133 x 245 x 268 cm

Hatchet, 2012
Axe, label
35 x 22 x 6 cm

I Personally Don’t Believe In It, But I Heard It Works Anyway, 2016
3D color scanning, polychrome 3D printing, plaster Edition of 3
13 x 15 x 9 cm

I Am In Paris, 2015
Murano glass neon tubes, not electrified
Edition of 3
35 x 161 cm

DVD of the horror film Christopher Roth
Released by Chiller Films, UK, 2010

15 0sm
41°03’59.0”N 8°57’28.2”E (right), 2016
Latex paint (ChromakeyGreen 1030) Unique
120 x 87 cm

Images by Andrea Rossetti