Today, in the year 2038, we have mastered the great crises. It was close, but we made it. The global ecological, social and economic disasters of the 2020s brought people, states, institutions and companies together. They committed themselves to fundamental rights and jointly created viable, adaptable systems and legal frameworks on a planetary basis, giving decentralized, local structures the space to maintain and create highly diverse models of co-existing. Technology and big data helped us to turn new and old ideas into reality. And often architects were part of the solution because they had answers instead of coming up with more questions. Drama is now history. We live in a radical democracy, in a radical bureaucracy. On a planet that doesn’t know or need heroes or villains.


“Any idea you have about the future cannot be the future, because the future is by definition what exceeds your ideas.”
Mark Wigley, 2038



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Arts of the Working Class (1):


„A new design has emerged: one that treats buildings as a raw material stock for the future.“
Sabine Oberhuber & Thomas Rau, 2038

2038xAWC_Material Matters_by Sabine Oberhuber and Thomas Rau

2038xAWC_Material Matters_1_by Sabine Oberhuber and Thomas Rau