Filmed in a studio at the Fahrbereitschaft in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the station explores and re-invents the onetime spirit of television as a democratic tool for broadcasting artistic, political and utopian ideas. Many artists of the 1970s were engaged in TV production, e.g. Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Andy Warhol, Dara Birnbaum, or Bruce Nauman.

The logo  is designed by Angela Bulloch.

currently on

Sandra Bartoli, Silvan Linden –– Licht, Luft, Scheisse 1&2

Sandra Bartoli –– Sun, Shit, Compost and Air

Christopher Roth –– The Malaria Houses 1-4

Liese Mortreu –– The Productive Home

Arendse Steensberg & Anna Jo Banke –– The Data Commons

Emily Hadley & Christian Schmidt –– The IV Agriculture Revolution

Christopher Roth –– Systemic Change

Anna Wahlén & Inga Skjulhaug –– Sharing Territories

Curated Youtube –– Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla

Luca Fauciglietti –– All Hail Neoenergism

Buckminster Fuller –– Geodesic Dome

Anders Vikse & Daiki Chiba –– Make Shopping Great Again

Joseph Beuy –– I Like America and America Likes me

Daniel Rea Kragskov & Elise Aida Cappelen Schultz –– Collective Production

Pierre Huyghe –– “Untilled”

Gabriel Arrland –– Energy is Dead, Long Live Energy

Christopher Roth –– Trailer 19_2

Christopher Roth –– Rule #3

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen –– 3 Books

Niklas Maak, –– Countryside, the Future

Curated Youtube –– Guggenheim Museum, Countryside, The Future

Deane Simpson –– 3 Books


in the  archive:

Christopher Roth –– Dante Bini, Arezzo, 2017

Zarinah Agnew, Eric Rogers –– The Embassy Network (1-4)

Lietje Bauwens, Wouter De Raeve –– WTC-A Love Story 

Sam Chermayeff –– space-time with Sam (1&2)

Helene Hegemann –– Menschen mit Hund (1-3)

Sonja Junkers –– Letters from Amann (1-2)

Siddharta Lokkanandi –– The Connectedness of Books (1&2)

Niklas Maak –– edutaiNMent (1&2)

Li Zhenhua –– One Pot (1&2)

trailers for Discreet, Hyperstition, Legislating Architecture, and
The Property Drama

and curated youtube: Donna Haraway, JG Ballard, John Berger, Great TV, Andy Warhol…