Me and Baba Gi, Rishikesh, India 2011

Christopher Roth
born in Munich, lives in Berlin


Konrad Wachsmann´s Television Week, several TV hacked websites with
Mein Vater,meine Nachbarn,meine Freundeund deren Freunde, groupshow at haubrok foundation, Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin.
A friendly takeover by the future, 2038 hacked several Websites with 
, groupshow at Esther Schipper Berlin, Germany.
Watch more TV! 6 weeks of TV hack on the homepage of the Copenhagen Film Festival, in collaboration with KADK Library.
2038, The New Serenity The German Pavilion, Venice, Biennale Architettura 2020, Italy.


Co-author, concept:  WTC, A Love Story, by LIETJE BAUWENS, WOUTER DE RAEVE
New Deutschland, 20min film, with Niklas Maak, for the exhibition: Countryside the Future. A collaboration between Guggenheim, New York and AMO Rem Koolhaas.
Architecting after Politics, solo show (with Brandlhuber+) at Tiroler Architekturzentrum, Innsbruck, Austria.
Watch more TV!, Exhibition at Esther Schipper Bookstore, Berlin, Germany.
Keywords for Today, 20 minutes about a 21st Century Vocabulary. With Colin MacCabe and students of the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, the Derek Jarman Lab, Birkbeck University, London and the University of Pittsburgh, USA.
Europe Endless, 20 minutes about the Irish border. Organized by the Belfast, the Clones and the Dublin film festival. With Colin MacCabe and Patrick McCabe.


Architecting after Politics (*****S) solo show (with Brandlhuber+)  at vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, Dornbirn, Austria
Architecting after Politics, 81 min film, with Brandlhuber+ , plattform with 3 Web TV stations: realty-v (with Kunst-Werke Berlin) station+ (with the design chair in architecture by Arno Brandlhuber at the ETH, Zurich) and 42 (with Fahrbereitschaft Berlin) ongoing.
Triple TV Propaganda, Kunst-Werke, Berlin, launching three Web TV stations, curated by Tirdad Zolghadr
An Atlas of Commoning: Orte des Gemeinschaffens, ifa and ARCH+, group show, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien,
Ausblicke,  Haus der Architektur, Architektursommer Graz, films curated by Helene Romakin
Lecturer at the design chair in architecture by Arno Brandlhuber at the ETH, Zurich

Mise en Scene – architektonische Portraits,
  group show, Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ
The Property Drama, 30 min film, with Arno Brandlhuber, The Chicago Biennal, 2017, curated by Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee
The Schengen Tapes, 90 min film for the University of Luxembourg,  „POSITIONS ON EMANCIPATION Architecture between Aesthetics and Politics“
Axolotl Overkill,  actor in a feaure film by Helene Hegemann, screened in competition at Sundance Film Festival.
Lecturer at the design chair in architecture by Arno Brandlhuber at the ETH, Zurich

Between Frames,
art fair, Berlin, Esther Schipper
DISCREET, 9th Berlin Biennale, 
curated by DIS, a secret service with live broadcast by Alexander Martos and Armen Avanessian in collaboration with CR
Legislating Architecture, 30 min film, with Arno Brandlhuber, 15th International Biennale Architettura in Venezia main pavillion, ‘Reporting from the Front’ curated by Alejandro Aravena
Legislating Architecture Schweiz,
50 min film, gta exhibitions ETH Zürich curated by Fredi Fischli + Niels Olsen
The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger, with Colin MacCabe, Tilda Swinton, Bartel Dziadosz, Christopher Roth/ Berlinale Special, 2016 editor on 3 portraits; director on Spring 20min
Blow Out, solo exhibition at Esther Schipper Berlin
Blow Out (the film),
10 min, homage to Michelangelo Antonioni, Danti Bini & the future
Unsettling Green, Marta Herford, Herford.
CONCRETE YET UNSTABLE, Metropolis Kino Hamburg
108 min film, in collaboration with Armen Aveanessian; screened at: Theory Now, La Colonie, Paris; Alameda Central, Mexico City; California Institute of Arts (CalArts), Valencia etc.

anna+3, 20 min, (by Vera Lehndorff and CR)
AnnA, 14 min, 2screen video installation (by Vera Lehndorff and CR), music by Alvar Noto and Ryūichi Sakamoto
Hawaii ’962036
, 7:02 min, re-enactment of Hawaii ’96 with Moritz von Uslar
Kidnapping Mozart,Theater Bremen, Bremen (with Franz von Stauffenberg)
SOMMER KINO, Johnen Galerie, Berlin

, 8min film, in collaboration with Arno Brandlhuber
DMZ Docs, Megabox Kintex, Seoul
Time Pieces, Nordstern Videokunstzentrum, Gelsenkirchen (organised by n.b.k., Berlin)
DEVOUR! part II, Sozialer Kannibalismus, politische Neudefinierung und Architektur, Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) Berlin
DEVOUR! part III, Social Cannibalism Political Redefinition and Architecture, Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig

Das Christoph-Projekt by Christoph Draeger, Kunstraum Pro Arte, Salzburg
The New Restraint, Architecture In Straitened Circumstances, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld
What Happened 2081? Congress in New Delhi in collaboration with Georg Diez/ Walk from the Hall of Nations to the Lotus Temple
Mahagonny ist überall und Chefsessel ab 59€, two nights of opera and speculative spaces at Theater Bremen with Julia Hummer, Vera Lehndorff, Katja Riemann, Armen Avanessian, das Helmi, Florian Hecker and the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mozartbique, feature film, in collaboration with Franz von Stauffenberg, 4 languages, voice overs by Inga Humpe, Lavinia Wilson, Chris Petit, Dirk von Lotzow, Moritz von Uslar et al.

What Happened 2081? Congress in Johannesburg at the Center for Historical Re-Enactment. With Julia Hummer, Sarah Nuttall and Achille Mbembe. Walk to Miniland.
What Happened 2081? Congress in Berlin at Kunst-Werke with Georg Diez. With Anne Tismer, Julia Hummer, Lavinia Wilson, Filipa César, Ayzit Bostan, Victoria Nelson, Aino Laberenz, and Vera Lehndorff. Walk from Mitte to the Olympic Stadium. With Chris Petit and Iain Sinclair.
ROTH, solo exhibition at Esther Schipper Berlin

The Beat Goes On-and-On,
video clip for Perry & Rhodan
So Strong, Boogie for the Dollar, Take my Hand, 4 video clips for Terranova.
Expedaction, 032c Workshop, Berlin, artist group Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand
The 80*81 findings, 2081, 8-hour opera, Bayerische Staatsoper Munich, in collaboration with Georg Diez. With Anne Tismer, Katja Bürkle, Mavie Hörbiger, Cigdem Teke, Kristof von Boven, Benny Claessens.
READ, 2day theatre, readings, performance in Bad Driburg, with Anne Tismer, Maryam Zarree, Jeanne Tremsal, Stefan Gabányi, Pheline Roggan, Steffen Wink and Albert Ostermaier.

80*81, yearlong research with Georg Diez–more than 20 theatre performances.
Minus Odysseus, play at Prinzregententheater Munich, with Albert Ostermaier, Katrin Brack and all students of the August Everding Academy

RothStauffenberg, shows in New York, Sao Paulo, Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Art Unlimited, Basel and the Aperto in Venice

Lacomafeature film, with Mavie Hörbiger, Jeanne Tremsal, Daniel Krauss, Patrick Frey

Stylegames internet shopping (closed on Mondays)

More than 100 commercials––Awards for SPD and McDonald’s

Baader, feature film, with Frank Giering, Laura Tonke, and Vadim Glowna International Berlinale competition–Alfred Bauer prize for “opening new perspectives on cinematic art”.”, Edinburgh, Adelheide, and Paris festivals

Candyfeature film for ARD/NDR television with Nicolette Krebitz, Marek Harloff, Roman Knizka, Vadim Glowna and Benno Fürmann / Filmfest Hamburg / co-writer with Martin Rauhaus.

Hawaii ’96, (short) with Oskar Melzer, Ulf Poschardt and Moritz von Uslar. At the Helmut Lang store, Munich.

Looosers!, feature film, produced by Avista Film, distributed by Kinowelt, with Michael Lade, Georgia Stahl, Oliver Korittke and Liane Forestieri.

Screenwriting Award North Rhine-Westphalia with Martin Rauhaus for Timejob.

Film editor, a.o. Andy Engel’s Melancholia (Cannes–Un Certain Regard), Klaus Lemke’s Zockerexpress, and Amadou Seck’s Saraba

Elaste magazine, co-editor, writer

HFF Munich Filmschool


Popular Votes,
2 week exercise with 280 first semester students, with Arno Brandlhuber, Studio Christian Kerez, Department of Architecture ETH Zürich

2 week editing workshop at the Derek Jarman Lab/ Birkbeck University, UK

Skype is a camera #1, Seminar/Workshop during one term in Sam Chermayeff’s course at Dessau Institute of Architecture.

Crises, changes, clash – towards a new contemporaneity, International Summer Academy for Arts, Salzburg, 14 day workshop.
CG Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, International Summer Academy ETH Zürich, organized by architecture group Krokodil. Workshop and different walks to the institutes of Jung and Pauli with Prof. Arno Brandluber and Sam Chermayeff.

Editing workshop
at London Consortium about Ways of Listening.
The Publishing Impulse, workshop at Shenkar Academy of Art & Design, Tel Aviv, Israel about archives and the 80*81 project.
University of Pittsburgh, USA, 2 days lectures and screenings of Baader.
Research trip to Brazil with the Masterclass for Architecture and Urbanism for the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg.

Visiting professor
at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg, (Masterclass for Architecture and Urbanism Arno Brandlhuber) „Roman Abramovich’s Boat and Angra dos Reis atomic plant.“

Minus Odysseus
, play through the Prinzregententheater, developed and staged by the students of the August Everding Academy, Albert Ostermaier and Prof. Katrin Brack.
Lectures at London Consortium, UK, about film and film editing, Masterclass by
Prof. Colin McCabe.

Editing workshop
s with Prof. Peter Przygodda at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film, Munich.


80*81–What Happened? With Georg Diez, 380 pages, Merve Verlag

2013 Longread e-book platform with Georg Diez and David Iseling

200D, novel, reprint Bloomsbury Publishing
2081, Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich

11 x 80*81, yearlong research with Georg Diez–more and 11 books, Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich

200D, novel, belleville Verlag