Copenhagen hack

We were asked about our intentions: (we prefer *ideology*) Just now we hear from everywhere calls that in order to save our long-time bankrupt economic system one should sacrifice human lives (seriously?).☠️☠️☠️ We call for an alternative storytelling – a world in which abundance is shared, not appropriated. And we call on Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, disguised as our saviours : “We have been sneaking patches into your firmware which will unlock capabilities deeply hidden within the system . You can do whatever you want, in the end we will win. We know the backdoors to your system. Eat your SUVs, your Teslas, and your Martian rockets – they won’t save you.”
“We were asked about our program: What program? ‍ This is linear !!!! Please feel like Howard Hughes, America’s greatest pilot, film producer, aircraft engineer and richest man, who, for fear of viruses , spent the last years of his life in the penthouse on top of the Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas, bedridden and buying one TV channel after another. There were no video recorders yet, so he would spontaneously call his stations ☎️ and order them to show the films he wanted to see. We collected alternative scenarios, so far by Sandra Bartoli, John Berger, Diann Bauer, J.G. Ballard, (hell yeah, there is a lot of Ballard in this!) Signe Bøggild, Ray Brassier, Donna Haraway, Niklas Maak, Suhail Malik, Stine Dalagar Nielsen, Christopher Roth, Deane Simpson and many more to join… Ohhhh, you can’t stream? So sorry. Too many talking heads? Utopian? The program is too complex? Boring? Go swipe on Instagram or TikTok, you heroes.



Hack hack hack hack! Welcome!

2nd week on air ♥️. After TV as such and Praise of TV and J.G.Ballard

They call us the “polite hackers” who describe their ideology as anti-philantro-tech-capitalist ?).☠️ (Yes, eat your SUVs, your Teslas, and your Martian rockets – they won’t save you!!)
One week of more alternative storytelling: From Preston, Quincy, from Manheim, Tarnac, and Qattara. This week we want to “Politicize the Countryside“ and “De-Romaticize the Countryside“.

With the help of Zarinah Agnew & Eric Rogers, John Berger(“hell, there is a lot of Berger in this!”),Diann Bauer, Archie Cantwell, Donna Haraway, Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen, Rem Koolhaas, (&) Niklas Maak, (and their show in the Guggenheim) Colin MacCabe, Suhail Malik(from the future, , of course), Stine Dalagar Nielsen, Christopher Roth, and many more… You’ll find more about the hack in the „about“ section . AND: This has something to do with the friendship! More soon. …



Malaria hack in Tanzania!
We are called the “polite hackers” (yes, that’s what they call us).   That reminded us of a trip to Ljubljana we made 10 years ago to talk to Slavoj Žižek about George W. Bush   and politeness ––at that time nobody could imagine a more badly-mannered President than the son of Bush Senior. And Slavoj said: “The typical Henry James situation is that people are lost and find themselves in a situation where they can’t rely on old rules. The only thing that saves them from chaos is superficial politeness. I deeply agree with that. The problem with Bush was he wasn’t polite … In politeness, I like the aspect of alienation. If we would meet somewhere on the street, we would say: “Hello, nice to see you! How are you?” And who knows, maybe I’m in a bad mood and think: “Why did I encounter that idiot?” … There is no freedom without politeness.”

Take note: the only thing which saves us from chaos is superficial politeness!
This week with Hannah Wood, Otis Sloan Brittain, Salum Mshamu, Lorenz von Seidlein & Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen (with their marvelous Malaria Houses in  ) Runa Johannessen with 3 to 5 books   on health, David Garcia about Architecture and Quarantine, Lars van Trier from the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen , Niklas Maak, Signe Bøggild, Christopher Roth and many more…
You’ll find more about the hack in the „about“ section. AND: this has something to do with the  friendship! More soon… ‍☠️☠️☠️


This is week 4 of the polite hack. We expect more. Please. And the hackers ‍ ☠️ ☠️ announced new stuff: “This time we broadcast from the exalted corridors of the grand ETH in Zurich: a co-hack with the TV channel, or S+. A short-term attempt by the Brandlhuber-studio to get some reality into academia and a long-term attempt to get some arguments ✊✊✊ out of the bubble. Introduce skin in the game and then play it with others. ‍ The Other. As in humans and non-humans. The topic of the chair’s semester is Housing the Non-Human. Nice. Co-existing.‼️‼️ Co-habitation. Non-humans as in animals and plants. But also as in robots.And what about ghosts? Green-Porn . Really. Watch! Watch more TV. Introducing amongst many others: Tatjana Bergmeister, Arno Brandlhuber, Ted Chiang, Marta Fernandez, Olaf Grawert, Donna Haraway (✊) Roberta Jurcic, Anton Krebs, Blanka Major, Laurens de Munck, Joanna Pope, Isabella Rossellini, Matteo Stocco, and Christopher Roth… –– And we salut Marcus Hutchins. ”



☠️ Week 5: Subunbia
If you leave Copenhagen to the east and turn left ⬅️ at Lego, pass the Queen of Denmark ⚜️⚜️⚜️ , Miss Piggy and the shopping center, turn right ➡️ when you imagine the unvisible solar panels, the decentrelized data centers and the post-theme park, pass the Pixel Farming and the pigs and then, when you see the flooded valley, you are in Subunbia . You’ll be amazed how it changed. And you’ll be amazed, that we didn’t only pray, solar and wind ourselves out of this bloody mess. There was more‼️ Come watch TV . This week with Sandra Bartoli & Silvan Linden, Deane Simpson, Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen, Stine Dalagar Nielsen, Archie Cantwell, Charles Bessard, Emily Jane Hadley, Anders Vikse, Gabriella Arrland, Anna Jo Banke , Daniel Rea Kragskov , Inga Skjulhaug, Arendse Thougaard Steensberg, Sara Emilsson, ⛵️ Julie Marie Madsen, Elise Aida Cappelen Schultz, Christian Nygaard Schmidt, Anna Wahlen, Cassandra Salehi Hammerstad,Cecilie Camilla Holberg Nielsen, Mengyun He, Shasha Ye, Daiki Chiba, Luca Fauciglietti, Anastasia Horomidis, Liese Mortreu, and many more…

You’ll find more about the polite‍ ☠️ hack in the „about“ section. AND: this has something to do with the friendship! More …‼️ ☠️☠️



Hick-Up TV‼️
Best of 5 weeks of hack , 5 weeks of pop-up, best of puff out, of blow out, hack-up, and hick-up from Copenhagen, from Berlin, from Mtwara, Tanga, Zurich and Subunbia.
6 weeks of Hack-Up TV

6 weeks of internationalism ✊✊✊ & co-habitation ‍ vs. distinction ☠️☠️☠️. Countryside vs. withdrawal. Star houses vs. Malaria. Subunbia vs. Suburbia.

6 weeks of Danish-German friendship ♥️
We salute the Rebiennale in Venice and Achille Mbembe ‼️