We used to hang out in the Helmut Lang store in Munich in the early 1990s. In ʻ95 we shot a little film, based on an interview Ulf Poschardt had done with Slavoj Žižek for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Moritz von Uslar worked at that time with Ulf for the SZ-Magazin and he was the first to celebrate Lang. Soon after Lang went to New York and became an international superstar.We all moved to Berlin.
In 1999 Helmut Lang sold a 51% stake in his company to the Prada Group and in October 2004, he sold the rest of his shares for something like 50million dollars.
In 2005, Helmut Lang resigned from the fashion world. In 2011, he shredded over 6000 garments from his personal archive to create about a hundred towering pillars.
In summer 2011, he showed 16 of them in a Long Island Gallery under the title Make It Hard.
In 2029, the Indian artist Anokha Rai purchased most of the pillars to retransform them into clothes. She created 6000 fashion items influenced by Helmut Langʼs early collections.
In 2036 we met at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin and shot some additional footage with
some old and new Lang items.

Galerie Johnen, 2015:

CR 024_2 web

CR 024_1 web

CR 024_3

Hawaii 962036
7 minutes, single screen projection
shot in 1996 on 35mm
and in 2036 on ProRes 16k
voice over by Slavoj Žižek