Volume One, “What Happened?”

Interview with Slavoj Žižek:  “My whole effort is to remain at the surface.  I don’t believe in depth.  If you deeply look into a person –in everyone– you find shit. I believe in surface.  I think true metaphysics is the metaphysics of surface.  If you do something great it’s not deep in you. There is not an undiscovered pearl, no!  That pearl is always shit.”



Interview with Eric Mitchell: “I was wearing this orange hunting jacket. Really bright orange. Dayglo! I wanted to be famous and I wanted people to know who I was, to know I made that movie. I was ambitious, posturing, everything. Punk promotion. Punks were great promoters. People in the Berlinale hated me. I was so obviously shiny.”

longo  3

Interview with Robert Longo: “When we started making money, we started going to the Odeon. You went downstairs in the bathroom and did enormous amounts of coke. There was a closet off the side where you would go fuck in the closet or you’d go fall asleep. The Odeon became the hangout place. The more serious we became as artists, the less we played in bands anymore.”

Volume One: What Happend?
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