Wachsmann´s Television Week


Finally we have been hacked again.⛏⛏⛏ It was about time. ‼️
The occasion is:
Konrad Wachsmann´s Television Week
presented by Mark Wigley
And there is the reason that a beautiful book has come out at Sternberg Press:

Konrad Wachsmann’s Television

Post-architectural Transmissions

Series Editors Nikolaus Hirsch & Markus Miessen

“In this provocative intellectual biography, architectural historian Mark Wigley makes the surprising claim that the thinking behind modernist architect Konrad Wachsmann’s legendary projects was dominated by the idea of television.“
In this coming week a variety of experts will talk about Wachsmann, television, joints, clouds and things…   ☁️:
with Marianne Burkhalter, PeterChermayeff,SamChermayeff, Phillip Denny, Simon Denny, Keller Easterling, John Enright, Juan Herreros,Nikolaus Hirsch, Francesca Hughes,Andrés Jaque, Lydia Kallipoliti, Sylvia Lavin,Niklas Maak, Florian Medicus,Ana Miljački,Christopher Roth, Felicity D. Scott,Deane Simpson, Shannon Starkey,Christian Sumi, Mark Wasiuta, Michael Webb and many more
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“..and the victim was architecture!“