1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Vera Lehndorff and Christopher Roth, 2015

AnnA / story:
AnnA undresses in front of a mirror. She prepares herself with ashes and gauze bandages. Anna goes outside and looks for the perfect spot to lie down. For good? Nothing seems to fit. Anyway, it is too bright outside. AnnA goes back inside.
coat by Christian Lacroix, music by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

AnnA, 2015
2 screen projection, synced monitors
duration: 14:20 minutes

The film follows a woman who is in the process of preparing for inexplicable actions. The absorption and seriousness with which she pursues her activities—mixing gelatinous fluids with dust, chalk and/or pigment, applying thick layers on skin and bandaged feet, searching for a spot in a yard to lay down, covering herself with dead leaves, retreating to a tight cavernous space below an arch, returning to the house—give her actions both an eerie, ritualistic quality but also, more perplexingly, a startling matter-of-factness